Mybag is a smart suitcase guard that is developed to help return lost suitcases worldwide to their legal owners. It uses unique identification technology supported by a secure online database for identification of suitcases found. Thanks to the intelligent technology, Mybag  can be found very easily when your suitcase is lost. It is a smart suitcase guard that allows you to reflect your style as well as making it easy to find your lost suitcase and also stop theft of your valuables inside your suitcase.

Users will register the Mybag smart code into the global Mybag secure database to indicate that their suitcases are belong to them.  If a suitcase is lost or stolen, the person who finds it can follow the instructions printed on the suitcase cover and report it to Mybag transmits the contact information of the person who found the suitcases to the suitcases owner for the return of the suitcases promptly and confidentially. At this point, you do not have to give your private information to anyone, such as your phone number.

Mybag is an easy, cheap, secure way to label suitcases so that they can be easily returned when they are lost or stolen. Mybag makes it easier to reconnect with a legal owner when a missing suitcase is found. People may not help if they find a lost suitcase, because they might think it is very hard to find the owner. Mybag's contact information, which is clearly defined on suitcase guards, will provide an easy way for the finder to return it. This is why Mybag is a magnificent suitcase guard that increases your chances of finding your lost suitcase all over the world.

Users register their smart code on their Mybag suitcase guard to the Mybag system. The name, address and contact information are recorded by following very simple instructions. 

Having your personal information in hand, Mybag will contact you immediately when your lost suitcase is found. 

Those who find the suitcase will go to website and enter the smart code. Mybag matches suitcases; Informs the owner and initiates the return process. According to the agreement between the person who finds the suitcase and the suitcase owner, the suitcase should be taken from the person who finds the suitcase directly; by the owner or mail and similar methods. The finder does not pay anything and is rewarded by us with free Mybag tags and service. In addition, the lost suitcases owner,, can declare an additional rewards in order to motivate return of lost suitcase.

The majority of those who find a suitcase want to return the suitcase to their legal owner. Mybag only accelerates and facilitates the process. Worldwide lost-items offices and police lost-rooms are filled with suitcase that couldn’t be delivered to their owners due to lack of identification; Mybag fills this gap. 

Yes. Police work shows that thieves are less likely to steal covered suitcases (for example, labeled Mybag), as risky for being exposed. In addition, our reward messages on suitcase guards have a very important function against theft. Most thieves or malicious people may be impressed by the message "will be rewarded" on Mybag and want to see what the reward is. To see this, they access into our web page and enter the code number. At this time Mybag finds out the coordinates and the IP address of the interrogator. This location and inquiry information can be used as legal evidence and can make it easier to get your valuables back.

If a suitcase with a Mybag is queried by someone at, the GPS and IP Location information of the person querying the tag code is automatically retrieved and recorded in the access log. When suitcase owners are questioned about missing suitcase tags, they can view the location of the relevant info on the web site.

Most missing suitcase interrogation are made with smartphones with precise location information. Smartphones use various positioning technologies such as GPS, base stations and WiFi access areas. If location querying is enabled for Mybag (it is on by default), the Mybag service asks the reader for precise location. The viewer device at that point may request permission to send location information from the user. When the request is accepted, Mybag logs the exact coordinates in the access log.

If this information is not allowed by the device, Mybag tries to determine from the location IP address. This latter method may not give exact results on mobile devices, but fixed locations (home computer, etc.) can give position information within a few blocks.

The legal owner automatically is informed by Mybag and owners can access the location information of the finder.

Yes. Our internet based service can facilitate the discovery of lost or stolen suitcase worldwide.